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Lawrence Wagner is currently the CEO of CCConsulting Services which is focused on compliance, risk, and financial services in the regulated industry marketplace. Prior to founding CCConsulting Services, Lawrence was the Director of Compliance for a public company.  Lawrence also held senior positions as the Chief Financial Officer of ING Americas with over $50 Billion in assets and the Chief Financial Officer of Nomura Securities for the Americas with assets of over $100 billion.

Lawrence is a corporate transformation leader and senior financial executive with decades of career expertise in highly-regulated industries, including manufacturing, financial services, retail, and cannabis. Experience with maximizing acquisitions, due diligence, integrating products and cultures. Defines organizational needs and develops growth strategies for companies from start-ups to multinational public companies. An innovative strategist who has successfully executed short and long-term plans that have enhanced regulatory compliance adherence and accelerated organizational growth and efficiencies.

Leadership & Financial Oversight:

•>40 years in financial services with successes in transforming business paradigms, transitioning private companies to acquire public stock offerings, economic growth, working with regulators, and building start-ups into thriving businesses.

•Strategic advisor for c-suite, executives, and stakeholders on areas including M&A, due diligence, forecasting, expanding market reach through investments, restructuring debt, derivative products, and securitizations.

•Led and participated in numerous committees throughout career, establishing firm-wide business model, allocating capital across BUs, and heading the pricing committee to determine the fair value of non-observable price assets ($15bn).

Governance, Compliance & Risk:

•Subject matter expert on cannabis industry compliance, with >4 years of hands-on experience strengthening essential controls, reducing risks via execution of remediation plans, SOX 404 projects, and a robust internal control framework.

•Author of numerous articles, leadership papers, and blogs on finance, OSHA, treasury services, and cannabis compliance, including “Capital Utilization after the Financial Crisis”

•Bridged communications between hedge fund representatives and SEC by overseeing compliance activities including registration, ADV preparation, compliance manual creation, SEC mock audits, and building policies for significant hedge funds.

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