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We understand the concerns and aspirations of business owners in the automotive industry. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and support. We offer a majority recapitalization model to minimize risk for existing owners. Our primary focus is empowering these businesses to safeguard their legacy and achieve substantial growth in revenue and profit margins. We achieve this through strategic acquisitions of complementary companies, harnessing the collective strengths of our healthcare family. By integrating intelligent financial strategies and leveraging the combined resources of businesses under Recordai's corporate umbrella, we aim to enhance the group's overall market value. This ensures that your company can thrive in an ever-evolving landscape while preserving the values and quality of service that are central to your mission of automotive excellent.

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Our focus will be to grow our business through acquisitions of privately owned small to mid-size automotive companies within the United States. In addition, our strategy is to consolidate various companies by combining their balance sheets, improving their overall market value compared to being a stand-alone company.

We will differentiate ourselves by implementing a solid acquisition strategy that allows sellers to stay on with a portion of their business to become part of a profitable and promising future. Our combined experience indicates that we require successful entrepreneurs and professionals to facilitate and accompany our rapid growth as future partners.

To that end, we believe in working with the business owners diligently on an exit plan that works well with their goals and strive to act quickly in the appropriate situation to ensure successful outcomes.

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Key Metrics

  • 138 years of total combined experience

  • Involved in 72 M&A transactions

  • Wide range of transaction experiences from under $50 million to over $1 billion in valuation


  • Targeted approach augmenting the existing management team to accelerate growth and build upon the individual company culture

  • Retention of brand identity and personnel

  • Strategic offloading of back-of-house tasks promoting entrepreneurial teams to pursue value-creation avenues

  • Elite executives to lead personnel through periods of rapid growth and ever-expanding challenges

  • Flexible terms to meet valuation goals


  • We are not Franchisors, Private Equity, or acting on behalf of outside investors

  • We foster a culture of collaboration.

  • This is our passion and area of expertise

  • Inquire to partner with us as we build the most consistent and reliable healthcare group in the nation


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