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   What We Do   

We are a private investment group with a strong purpose of working with private business owners in a variety of industries. We can help the current owner safely exit or transfer ownership of their business to an excellent management team. Our Board of Directors' extensive experience, consisting of current and past executive members, can carry on the culture of the company and take the business to the next level through an amalgamation of complementary businesses.


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- Reducing risk with near term distribution:

The market will constantly be changing and unpredictable, as indicated by the recent pandemic that we're still going through. Most business owners understand this and having an opportunity to reduce risk by cashing out a portion of their business is extremely valuable. Our offer ensures risk reduction for the seller with the enticing ability to continue to be a part of a growing business.

- Business development team support:

Post-acquisition, we'll be the significant support for the management team to help with bolt-on acquisitions that deem fit for the company's growth and improving financial performance. Thus, adding even more value to the remaining ownership of the company. In addition, our combined M&A experiences will make the overall process smoother and less stressful so that management can focus more on the business.

- Maximize value with a second exit:

The ongoing bolt-on acquisitions within the company will help increase overall revenue and profit margin. Combining this with intelligent financial engineering along with other businesses' balance sheets under Recordai's corporate umbrella will increase the overall market valuation for the group. Thus, ensuring that our group will get the attention of the more prominent private equity firms currently offering an average of 15.7 times multiple of EBITDA. Including the first exit, our calculation shows that the owner can get the equivalent of 9 to 12 times their current EBITDA overall, which is well above the high-end offering of 6 to 8 times EBITDA from other private venture groups focusing on the IT Services industry.

     Key Benefits     


Acquisition that is $2 million or more in EBITDA or free cash-flow. Investment partnerships with private entrepreneurial management teams for smaller transactions or large portfolio companies. Private owners that are looking to retire, take a step back with residual income or be a part of a larger ecosystem of businesses.


Fortune 500 management team support for founders looking to advance to the next level. We are always open to tailoring each unique investment opportunity for the benefit of both sides.

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  • Targeted approach augmenting the existing management team to accelerate growth and build upon the individual company culture.

  • Retention of brand identity and personnel. 

  • Strategic offloading of back of house tasks promoting entrepreneurial teams to pursue value creation avenues.

  • Elite executives to lead personnel through periods of rapid growth and ever-expanding challenges. 

  • Flexible terms to meet valuation goals.


  • We are not Franchisors, Private Equity, or acting on behalf of outside investors. 

  • We foster a culture of collaboration.

  • This is our passion and area of expertise.  

  • Inquire to partner with us as we build the most consistent and reliable managed IT group in the nation. 

Key Metrics

  • 138 years total combined of experience

  • Involved in 72 M&A transactions

  • Over 300 M&A audit/due-diligence experience

  • Wide range of transaction experiences from under $1 million to over $300 million in valuation

  • Largest transaction involvement at $10 billion in valuation

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