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Dat Nguyen is the Founder of Recordai, a new venture that focuses on growing through mergers and acquisitions to maximize performance and efficiency. He has put together an excellent Board of Directors with extensive M&A experience to support him in this venture. He combines the team's vast knowledge and automotive background to refine the industry's overall efficiency.

During his college years in San Francisco, he worked on a conceptual car design project with GM and finished an internship with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. After graduation, he accepted an offer to work with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for their Product Design department and shortly after moved to Michigan for the opportunity. During his four years with FCA, he was put on a couple of conceptual projects and production vehicles. A few of them have been showcased to the public, but most are still under development and won't be on the market until a few years down the line. These projects required a lot of problem-solving skills and the latest technologies on the market to make it all possible.

His exposure to some of these technologies gave rise to new ideas and unique solutions that can change the world, which is the reason is why he's working tirelessly to kick start a new venture to grow his business through the acquisition of small to medium-sized companies. To that end, he will continue following the guidance of those that have been there before him and work with his impeccable Board of Directors to disrupt the business world.

His passion in life has always been in high technology and pushing the boundary of technical progress. Growing up, he lived in a country where life was continually challenging and not always fair to people of lower economic status. To give back all the opportunity given to him after he moved to the US, he has made a mission in life to be highly successful in everything he does. Therefore, it always excites him to learn more and explore new ideas to solve the challenges we all share with the fervent desire to add value to this world.

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